Pain management (US)

Pain management is among one of the most essential duties of medicine today. Even if the underlying condition is being treated, uncontrolled pain can severely diminish a patient’s quality of life preventing them from working, or taking part in their usual roles in family and society.

Chronic pain has numerous causes, and therefore can be much more difficult to manage than acute pain from a specific injury or condition, and the customized treatment protocols offered by compounded treatments can meet the specific needs of each patient.

Our compounding specialists offer many unique options for pain management. Regardless of origin, and whether the pain is acute or chronic, our efforts are directed at meeting the specific needs of each patient. We work together with patients and their physicians to reach treatment goals.

Oral Dosage Forms
Oral dosage forms can also be customized to meet the specific needs of each patient. For example, we can combine numerous compatible medications into a single dose to make medication management. Medicated lollipops, gummy bears, solutions, and suspensions can also be compounded with added flavors to suit.

Transdermal Dosage Forms
Transdermal medications are medications that are absorbed through the skin. This is very useful for patients who are unable to take an oral medication or have an aversion to injections. Many types of medication can be compounded into a transdermal gel.

Rectal Dosage Forms
Formulations can be delivered as suppositories, solutions and gels. In addition, there is a specialized delivery system which simultaneously applies the medication internally and externally.