Veterinary (US)

Veterinary compounding is a specialty service that helps veterinarians broaden their prescribing abilities and to offer dosage forms and strengths that can treat pets in a more effective manner.

Our compounding pharmacy can prepare:

  • Flavored medication
  • Medication modified by size, strength and dosage form
  • Unavailable medications
  • Combinations of medications to improve compliance

Flavored medication
Getting animals to accept medication can sometimes be a struggle, but a compounded medication can be flavored which may help a dog to accept a beef-flavored tablet or a cat to eat a liver-flavored chew.

Differing medication strengths
Many animal medications come in a standard size, even though different animals even of the same species can vary enormously. For example, with the average Maltese weighing under 7lbs whereas the average Labrador Retriever weighs 10 times as much. Compounded medications allow the veterinarian to scale the dose to suit a pet’s specific size and weight.

Dosage Forms
Many pets don’t like taking pills, however with veterinary compounding a veterinarian is able to vary the dosage form depending on the medication. Chewable treats, eardrops, liquid concentrations and transdermal medications are available.